You Deserve a Safe and Pain-Free Surgical Procedure

Why should anybody be subjected to torment and unsafe surgical procedure in a century with profound advancement in medical treatments particularly the administration of anesthesiology in the course of surgery? You need not look far before getting a competent hand. Capitol Anesthesiology Association (CAA) remains the place to be. Established since 1973, the CAA is a team comprising of over 80 highly qualified and vastly experienced physicians in the field of anesthesiology.

Even if you need an extensive surgery that demands complete stillness and unconsciousness during the course of the operation, CAA specialists can ensure you come out safe and pain-free. Cases like this are referred to as general anesthesia, and it requires advanced monitoring including breathing control. Examples are heart, brain, abdominal and chest surgery.

Some patients’ surgical procedures require the control of pain sensation during and after a surgery on one particular area of the body, usually legs, lower abdomen or arms. With the aid of sedative medication administered through an IV the body derive some relaxation before local anesthetic medication is given to the nerves supplying feelings to the area of the body receiving the surgery. ACC physicians that specialize in regional anesthesia handle such cases.

Patients under surgical procedures that involve operations on small body parts with soft delicate tissues are usually put under Monitored Anesthesia Care popularly known as “Twilight Sleep “. Our specialists will first give prescriptions through an IV that assuage anxiety and pain before placing nearby anesthesia in the skin and encompassing tissues to numb the site of operation. Your level of awareness will be controlled all through the strategy with IV solutions.

The cases mentioned above cover the three general classifications of anesthesia, so all your anesthesia needs is sure to be met when you pitch your tent with CAA.

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