William Saito Gives Russia a Wake-Up Call

William Saito is a big name in the world of technology. The businessman has played critical roles in advising the government of Japan on matters pertaining to cybersecurity. He has written several publications on technology which are read across the globe. He gives useful insights about Russia and technology. Advances in technology are changing how people are going about their ordinary activities. Corporations too are changing. From mobile phones, television, refrigerators and other digital devices, the world is truly changing. But perhaps America, Western Europe, and Japan have done a lot of work in this sector. According to William Saito, these are the owners of renowned global brands such as Apple, Toshiba, and Microsoft. So where is Russia left out?

Russia has been known to be at the forefront of the technological space especially in the early years of the last century. It made advances in the invention of television, and it was among the first nations to modernize the space technology. However, recently, it seems to be lagging behind. There is a reason to worry. Perhaps the country had its share for the internet age when it developed Kaspersky. However, this innovation suffered a huge blow when the US authorities cast doubt on the effectiveness of this software brand. As a result, many users in the US stopped using the software. Other nations and corporations too followed suit. This made the firm to lose a lot of revenues. According to William Saito, such actions by the US served to damage the reputation of Russia in the technology space.

William Saito argues that Russia is a sleeping giant in technology. It has tremendously participated in the modernization of the world over the last two centuries. Who does not know about the periodic table? Russian scientists did a lot of work in ensuring that this table was completed and reached the masses. This shows that Russia has the potential to be a leader in the world of tech. It is the background and the extensive experience of William Saito in the world of technology which has assisted him to give such insights. He has worked and interacted with the various tech giants such as Google, Twitter, and Apple.