Wild ark: At the Forefront of Reconnecting Humanity with Nature

With the holidays being on the corner, the holiday fever is on the rise, and the hustle and bustle of making reservations and choosing the perfect destination are underway. Most famous travel destinations are already jam-packed right now, and when the holidays are finally here, it will be all stressful because of the myriads of people present. And if you are looking for some alone time, then you definitely will not get it on these hot spots. That is why during this time, it would be advisable to visit eco-conscious destinations to get time to interact with your inner self and also nature. Moreover, they give you a diverse array of options to select from, for instance from the lush jungles, rustic sprawling savannas to the evergreen tropical forests and colorful coral reefs, you are spoilt for choice, and there is no good enough excuse not to visit conservation centered destinations. To help you, even more, we at wild ark we have put together some of the best eco-conscious destinations which you could visit if it’s your first time to visit such places


Located at the corner of Micronesia, Palau boasts some of the most natural attractions and is one of the places which has kept its cultural traditions to date. It has a lot of eco-conscious destinations such as non-fishing lagoons and reefs which enable rare fish species to thrive. There are more areas which are conserved to allow for better ecosystems in Palau.


Take advantage of these extended holidays and make a trip to Africa and you will forever live to remember. Kenya is famous for many things such as its prowess in athletics, but none of these beats its vast savannas which are abundant with wildlife. It is home to the big five and boasts about 50 national parks which are protected by the government. Also, it has beautiful coasts and beaches on which you can enjoy the most beautiful sunsets. All these attractions are protected by the government through its Ecotourism ministry.

Other destinations

  • Costa Rica
  • Kerala India
  • Lithuania
  • Galapagos islands

About wild ark

Wild ark is an organization which was established by Mark and Sophie Hutchinson after they realized the dangers facing numerous wild places in the world. The organization’s primary mission is to protect such areas and be able to return the connection that was there between humanity and nature. It can do that through working with the ministries concerned with the wild in different countries, and it also has placed its ambassadors who work with such departments to ensure that they create a better environment for future generations. Also through social media platforms, traveling and educating people, Wild ark can inch closer to its mission day by day. Learn more: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUo4EHg7ZWNPFEg3tjytCSg