Twenty Three Layers to Hiring an Event Planner

The Balance provides tips on selecting an event planner.


Define Objectives

Determine your event objective by answering the who, what, where, when, why and how questions that pertain to your event. Catering, registration and venue selection are some activities to consider.


Estimate a Budget

Your decisions will be based on the total budget and how you wish to spread that out, including paying the event planner. Be realistic. According to The Balance, “Many people who organize an event for the first time often fall into the trap of wanting to plan a champagne event on a beer budget.”


Research Reputable Event Planners

Word of mouth may be a great place to start, but use a more stringent approach before making a final decision. Check out local organizations of planners and the local chamber of commerce. You can also ask hotel convention staff for recommendations on planners they trust.


Interview Planners

During phone screens, most planners will want specifics about your event, but focus on their expertise. Meet the planners in person. Check references before making a final decision. Ask each planner how they would handle your event. The planner should have ideas that include lots of details for the program you provided.


Final Budget

Ask them to disclose their terms and fees. Do they charge by the hour? Will they accept a percentage of revenue from the event? You will want to negotiate the detailed terms including deposits and refunds, and venues and services available to them.



If everything goes as planned, you will have a great resource for future events. If not, share your views online or via word of mouth regarding your experience with a planner.


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