Tony Petrello Has Succeeded

Tony Petrello was your typical geek of the 1970’s. He was tall. He was skinny. He was a loud-mouthed kid who often talked far too long on a topic with far too much depth. To make matters worse, he was a whiz kid at math. That must have gotten him a few dunks in some toilets in the locker room.

His math prowess, however, would show what a prodigy he was when he attended Harvard University. There, he would be mentored and groomed by the world-renowned mathematician himself, Professor Lang. Even at the age of eighteen, Tony was challenging current theories in the field, tweaking those that needed it, and promoting new theories of his own. Professor Lang had struck a gold mine. Unfortunately, Tony would break Lang’s heart. For some reason that only Tony knows, He opted out of Mathematics and instead pursued a degree in law. A few years later, Tony would graduate with a Justice Degree from Harvard.

However, he never fully gave up on his love for mathematics. In his spare time, Tony would gain a master’s degree in the field from Yale University.

Throughout the 1980’s, Tony Petrello dominated the corporate law scene. In 1979, he joined the law firm known as Baker & McKenzie where he would function as a Managing Partner stationed in the New York Office. He would serve this law firm well for over 11 years.

From there, he would make his career in Nabors Industries. Tony Petrello arrived here in 1991, becoming their Chief Operating Officer. After serving in this role for only one year, he was tapped as the company’s president in 1992. He would excel in this role and outperform everyone’s expectations. This drive prompted the company to ask him to function as the Chief Executive Officer in 1993 and it is a position that he still holds today. Tony would serve for ten years before his responsibilities were enlarged. In 2003, he served as the Deputy Chair of the Board up until 2011. It was in 2012 that we would become the Chair of the Board. From 2012 on, Tony would function as the President, the CEO, and the Board Chair simultaneously. Serving in these three roles gave him a compensation package worth over $15 million.

Tony would use this salary to donate to the Texas Children’s Hospital for leukemia research.

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