Thor Halvorssen Reveals His Beliefs On Socialism

The rise of socialism is a part of the 2016 U.S. Presidential election cycle that has many commentators worried about how the growth of this often maligned political ideology will affect the nation in the future. Fox Business show “The Intelligence Report” has recently looked to explain just what is happening in the U.S. in regards to socialism by interviewing respected human rights campaigner Thor Halvorssen; the Venezuelan born film producer has first hand experience with socialism after his own country was taken over by socialist parties and dominant leaders.


Fox host Trish Regan began her interview by explaining a few of her personal thoughts to Halvorssen about the phenomenal rise of socialism after Presidential candidate Bernie sanders described himself as a Democratic Socialist. Regan stated her belief that the majority of Sanders supporters do not understand the main points of this form of political ideology or remember the dark days of the Cold War; Halvorssen attempted to explain the ideology as best he could before turning to his own experiences with socialist beliefs and government officials.


Thor Halvorssen explained to Trish Regan how his home nation had survived successfully and thrived by adapting various political policies to suit the needs of the nation; included in these policies were a range of options that include socialist beliefs that were merged with more traditional and mainstream policies. Halvorssen stated Venezuela spent many years working towards success as a liberal leaning nation, but had recently floundered as socialism took a dominant role in decision making. The founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum explained his nation had slowly been overtaken by a number of political figures who wished to expand their own range of power through the use of socialism as the major political group in the country.
Despite the fears Thor Halvorssen has over the use of socialism in its many forms he revealed he had decided to throw his backing behind Bernie Sanders as the future President of the U.S. Human rights issues and racially charged ruled out his support for the other major candidates in the race.

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