Thor Halvorssen Makes Fox News And Hillary Clinton Feel The Bern

There was a recent Fox News interview that seemed rather odd. The Fox News network tried to load the interview like the round in a rifle and aim it at the Democratic Socialist candidate for president Bernie Sanders. But the interview turned out very differently and it seemed to echo all of the talking points of the senator from Vermont’s presidential campaign. Here’s how it went down.

Interviewee: Thor Halvorssen

First of all, they did a poor job in picking their interviewee when trying to slam Bernie Sanders. Thor Halvorssen is the founder of the Human Rights Foundation and is a straight shooter politically. He doesn’t care if you are in the left or the right of the spectrum, all he cares about is your human rights record. And Bernie Sanders human rights record is astounding.

Slanted Questions

The network tries very hard to control the subject of the interview. The first two sentences spoken by the hostess state that socialism violates basic human rights. She then asks Thor Halvorssen why socialism violates rights as a banner appears below them saying that socialism violates rights.

Schooled On Socialism

Thor Halvorssen quickly takes control of the interview and explains that socialism is not a form of evil. It is a neutral abstract idea that people can use for good or evil.

Feel the Bern

The world-famous human rights activist seems to become irritated as the Fox News hostess continues to try to steer the conversation toward why socialism itself is evil. Then the climax of the interview — Thor Halvorssen supports Bernie Sanders and has donated thousands of dollars to him.

Money In Politics

This falls right in line with Bernie Sanders campaign speeches — that money has a terrible influence over politics. Thor Halvorssen cannot support Hillary Clinton because she may owe human rights violators favors if she were to become president, effectively eroding Thor Halvorssen’s lifelong work.

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  1. Thor Halvorssen then goes on to explain that Bernie Sanders adversary Hillary Clinton has taken millions of dollars from dictatorships around the world. The news anchor seems to be caught off guard by this information. This is the reason why some research paper services did not give a damn about the outcome.

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