The Success Story of Gregory Aziz at National Steel Company

Gregory James Aziz is a reputable Canadian businessman. He is the current chairman, CEO, and president of National Steel Car. National Steel Car is a Canadian based freight car manufacturing company. It has emerged as a leader in freight car manufacturing both in North America and globally. The company is based in Hamilton, Ontario, where it started more than a century ago. As the only ISO certified builder of railroad cars in North America, National Steel Car has earned itself a reputation as a committed, innovation-driven manufacturer. Currently, more than 3000 people are proud to be associated with the company as team members. Together they build quality railroad cars that facilitate transport in the world.


Gregory James joined the National Steel Company in the early 1990s. He is the force behind the 1994 purchase of this company from its former holding Company, Dofasco. After the acquisition, he embarked on the mission of turning this once great company into a globally competitive entity. His transformation approach targeted the human resource and Engineering departments where weaknesses had been identified. He put in place a strong engineering framework and tweaked the human resource to ensure that only qualified people were employed. Through teamwork, Greg Aziz managed to expand the manufacturing capabilities of the company from a mere 3,500 to about 12,000 cars within only five years. In this period, employment also grew from 600 employees to more than 3,000 employees. By the year 2000, only six years after the acquisition, National Steel recouped its position as a leader in North America.

Gregory J Aziz embraces excellence as his guiding principle. He relentlessly leads his employees, challenging and encouraging them to do their best. This way, James Aziz and his employees have constantly raised the bar. They do not focus on past achievements but look into the future. They exploit their strengths to build high-quality rail cars that meet their customers’ expectations. This way, the company has earned total customer trust. A deep sense of determination and commitment to excellence is Greg’s secret to prosperity.


Gregory J Aziz was born on the 30th of April in London, Ontario. He schooled at Ridley College and later at the University of Western Ontario. At the University, he majored in Economics. After college, he joined his foods business. After success in the company, he moved to New York where he worked in the Banking and Investment industry before joining National Steel Car. Click Here to learn more.


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