The Oxford Club Retirement Rebalancing Principal

The Four Seasons Resort located in Santa Fe, New Mexico was recently the site of a wealth building seminar held by the Oxford club. At the seminar an older gentlemen inquired about how much money a person should have in stocks as they advanced in age. It was at this point that an expert from the Oxford club introduced the crowd to the retirement rebalancing principal. This is a principal that is easy to implement and insures that as a person gets older they have enough money to live off when they retire.

The strategy consists of having an aggressive investment strategy while a person is younger, and as they get older they start to take their gains from the stocks they have invested in. As explained by the Oxford Club investing expert at the seminar, this strategy works because it relies on picking good stocks to invest in, and using compounding to build up sizable positions in them. By using a proper retirement rebalancing strategy, a person can make sure that they don’t have too much money in the stock market.

The key component to making this strategy work is having good investment advice. The Oxford Club is a group comprised of private investors and business owners in different countries around the world. The club specializes in investments covering everything from bonds to precious metals. The club specializes in investment advice, but due to the entrepreneurial makeup of the club, the club also acts as a place for investors to socialize and make connections with other investors and entrepreneurs.

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