The Generosity Of Greg Aziz

With Gregory James Aziz at the controls, National Steel Car is known for its local generosity. The community they are in has helped the build the company into the powerhouse it is with local talent working the production. The people in the community who work here are common, everyday people with a generosity that has seeped into the company itself. What this has become then is a company that gives back to various facets of the community.

The Salvation Army for instance has been a recipient of this generosity for many years now. Helping out the disadvantaged with clothing, food and shelter, the donations from National Steel have helped many people through the years, and has helped the Salvation Army become an established charity organization in the community.

The Theater Aquarius, which puts on shows and has educational classes as well, receives donations in order to help with exposure to the arts and to teach the next generation those very same arts. This all helps bring the community together and fosters the creativity in everyone.


Opera Hamilton has also enjoyed the generosity of National Steel through the years. Working closely, and sometimes together, with Theatre Aquarius, Opera Hamilton has steadily increased its presence, quality of shows, performance quality and physical upgrades through the generous donations of National Steel as well as other sponsors. It is obvious that Greg Aziz is a fan of the finer arts and, as such, has no qualms about donating to them.


Along with several other smaller charities, The United Way also gets help from Greg James Aziz and company. Perhaps the best known charitable organization in the world, The United Way is as successful as it is because of donations from individuals, companies and municipalities. National Steel Car is honored to be in the mix because if there is anything better than giving, it is giving to an organization like United way that has a proven track record going back over 130 years.


So not only is National Steel Car a leader in the rail transport industry, it is also a leader in charitable giving. A combination such as this is why the company and its “conductors “are held in such high regard. See This Page to learn more.


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