The Fact About CEO Rick Smith Securus

Rick Smith Securus has been on the leading front as far are the matters that are related to the invention and innovation are concerned. His skills have contributed a lot to the transformation of the society. Currently, he is the person who is holding the post of the CEO at the Securus Technologies. The company through the effort of the Rick Smith Securus has put in place the idea that allows the inmates to communicate with their families while they are still in jail. The process of communication entails the video and the voice call. This has been lauded by many people in the community in the sense that it creates an environment that brings closeness to the loved ones. The inmates can further access their emails and send messages to wherever they want while in prison through the same technology. Read more about Rick on

Smith Securus dedication to the work of innovation in his area of specialization is traced to the background that he earlier had in his life. As an engineer who has broad knowledge on matters that are related to the field of electrical, he has managed to come up with great ideas. He got his associate degree from Rochester Institute of Technology and furthered his studies in the business where he graduated Masters in Business Administration (MBA). The unique feature about the Securus is the experience that he has for a long time. Furthermore, the vast knowledge that he has in many fields has enabled him managed different companies with ease.


The skills that Rick Smith Securus has in the field of management are admirable, and many companies have tried all means to lure him. He is considered a high asset whenever he takes part in any role of management within an organization. This is what has made him drove Securus Technologies to the required niche on matters of the service delivery. He gained leadership skills from several companies that he has served. This includes the Frontier Corporation where he was acting as the manager of the information technology. His skills were further seen where he was Chief Executive Officer at Eschelon Telecommunication. This steps that he has passed through all along has set him at a better place of providing the solution to any arising challenges in the company. His term at Eschelon Telecommunication was marked by the high revenue grow from $30 to $350 million. The dedication that he put in coordinating all the services made the company successful.

Rick Smith Securus is also associated with the excellent moves of the Securus Technologies. The company has a better chance of competing as compared to the close rivals such as the Global Tel Link. There is a call center placed in the middle of the Securus Technology is managed by the employees.

Rick Smith Securus is a skillful leader who has made the Securus Technologies’ operations flow along the expected line. Read more on Wikipedia.Org