The contribution of Eli Gershkovitch to the Canadian Craft Beer as the CEO of Steamworks Craft Breweries.

Canadians have a special adoration for beers. They have numerous breweries namely Banff Ave. Brewing Co., ‘A’ Frame Brewing Co., Bad Tattoo Brewing, Black Kettle Brewing Co., Fat Cat Beer Co. among others. These companies produce beer types such as Propeller London Style Porter, St-Ambroise Pumpkin Ale, Maudite, Red Racer IPA etc. all the beers are high quality for purposes of satisfaction.

One of the most popular brewing companies in Canada is the Steamworks Craft Breweries. Its able CEO, Eli Gershkovitch, drives the company. Eli is a successful businessperson who has amazing ideas on brewing. Prior becoming a brewer, he worked as an attorney since he had knowledge of the law.

When he was an Attorney, Eli visited Europe in 1987 (Twitter). The idea of craft beer thrilled him and he went to several breweries to try out the flavors. He enjoyed every bit of the tour and after 8 years, he launched the Steamworks Brew Pub. The brewery uses a system that is steam-powered to produce a distinct and unique beer flavor. Eli was glad to have brought something new into the Canadian Craft Beer.

Steamworks picked well and it was a destination for many customers. Eli had to expand the pub so as to accommodate the high number of people who were visiting the place. He also got an eatery, which he renamed, to Rogue Kitchen and Wetbar. With this, he was able to host many people comfortably.

Eli sponsored events at Gastown and this played a great role in marketing his business. After 7 years, Steamworks formed a brewing company that produces beer 20 times more than the pub ( Therefore, more people have been able to easily access Steamworks’ beer in both the United States and other countries such as Germany, Australia, Italy, and Switzerland.

Apart from business, Eli Gershkovitch enjoys flying airplanes. He is a pilot as well. Eli’s passion for cars is evident as he always collects antique cars when he is not doing business. His success has enabled him to live the life he yearned for since he was young.