The Brazil Tourist Sector with Guilherme Paulus

Many ventures remain unexplored, and people do not give attention. People are stuck to the normality. They want to do the easy things. As much as it’s unnecessary to reinvent a new whip because many things have been done, it is good to expand our options, and be open to new opportunities. Guilherme Paulus is among the people who have dared to do something different and turned out very successful.

Guilherme Paulus is the Chairman of Brazil’s biggest tourism tour company, CVC. He is on the list of the people who have significantly contributed to the improvement of the economy. He is, therefore, highly raked in the list of the most influential and prominent people in Brazil. Through his exceptional leadership, the CVC company has helped turn around the lives of many individuals in Brazil. This is through the contribution to the philanthropic foundations and solving the problem of unemployment. Visit to learn more

The firm was started a few years ago by Guilherme Paulus and a friend. The friend quit the partnership a while back, but Paulus has been propelling the foundation to the right direction. The success and contribution of CVC to the Brazil economy has led to his listing in Forbes.

It is no surprise that Paulus is doing so great in the tourism sector because he has always been an outgoing individual. He is open to new ideas, and he is also determined and hardworking in his job. Despite his great success, Paulus has maintained his humility.

Guilherme Paulus stays focused on his business and is always looking for new ways to flourish in the industry. After success with CVC, he has pushed himself to the next level and opened the GJP Group. The GJP hotels are among the most premium hotels in Brazil. Paulus has worked to see that the GJP has numerous branches in the nation, to reach as many clients as possible.

When Paulus is asked what makes him so successful in his hospitality career, he says that it is all about ensuring the consumers are satisfied. You also have to ensure you give quality products to your customers.

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