Technology Award Goes to Talk Fusion for Innovation

If you love technology, then you know that the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year award is a special title that only goes to the best companies that provide new services or greatly improve on existing ones. And it is handed out by TMC: Technology Marketing Corporation. However, if your company receives two awards from TMC in just one year, like Talk Fusion has, you know you’re really on a roll.

Talk Fusion received this title for their new Video Chat app, which launched in March of 206. The app is groundbreaking and revolutionary, bringing new innovative technology such as face-to-face technology that you can chat with anyone that also has the app anywhere in the world. The CTO says they are thrilled to receive the award, but have their eyes on bigger things. They want to create more visibility about special causes they are giving back to.

For example, the company donates to animal shelters, charitable organizations that provide housing and clothes for people, as well as supplies for childrens’ orphanages throughout Asia. It’s only one way they seek to give back as an ethical company in the spotlight. Talk Fusion is setting a positive example for other tech companies to follow.

The fact that it gives back to the world is what inspires its reps in over 140 countries to represent the product. In fact, they are compensate directly for sales and use ethical manners to get customer signed up. The customer service is first rate and it shows in the awards they get from renowned companies like TMC.

Talk Fusion was founded in 2007. Bob Reina, the founder and visionary CEO, started it while he was working in the criminal investigation unit in Florida. He realized that it was impossible to send a simple little video message to communicate with his friend who was on the other side of an email exchange. His provider was AOL, so he called them asked them to help him. They had no answers. He realized it would be up to him to create the solution. His ability to solve needs for people is what sets the company apart.