Sunday Riley: The Beauty Brand that Everyone is Still Talking About

Since 2009, Houston based Sunday Riley’s skin care line that bears her name has become an obsession for many. Even before she actually had a product line, Barneys New York was eager to carry the brand. Riley, a chemist who formulates the products herself, did not even have a brand name when she met with them. In fact, it was folks from Barneys who suggested that she use her name as the brand. At first the prospect seemed to daunting. To put her name on the brand felt too personal. She has said “it stands for who you are so you can’t hide behind anything.” Out of this sense of personal and professional integrity, Sunday Riley produces skin care oils, creams, and cleansers that offer cutting edge results at a relatively moderate price.

While it is true that a bottle of Luna Sleeping Night Oil retails at $105, other luxury beauty brands can cost over a thousand dollars. Sunday Riley is able to keep costs reasonable because she does the bulk of the research herself and does not charge the company for it. Finding solutions to skin care problems is a passion for her. She creates products that she herself would want to buy. This resonates with consumers.

Another way that the company became so popular quickly was by utilizing social media for advertising. By sending samples to social media influencers as well as people on social media who had only a few hundred followers, Sunday Riley created a conversational word-of-mouth buzz that felt organic. Women who used the products shared how much the love them with their friends and networks.

All this attention would be meaningless if not for the undeniable quality of the products. Sunday Riley has no qualms about pulling substandard products from the line. For instance, in 2011, the company launched a line of makeup. They felt that focusing on makeup took away from the company’s focus of skin care. So, they pulled the makeup line. Commitment of offering only the best to consumers is another reason why Sunday Riley is so popular.

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