Suji Choudhry: Researcher and a Man of Great Heights

Sujit Choudhry was born in 1970 in India. He gained his Masters degree at the Harvard Law School. In addition, he gained his Bachelors in Law at the University of Oxford, which is consistently regarded as the best school in the world. Moreover, he has gained valuable experience, creating rapport and crucial partnerships with anyone he works with.

Sujit Choudhry is a Professor of Law at the prestigious University of California at the Berkely Law School. Choudhry is now mainly known for his works on the comparative constitutional law. In addition, he is the only Indian-born student at the University — an incredible feat at one of the best law schools in the nation.

Today, Choudhry is the current director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions (CCT), a program that works with several countries to stabilize political and constitutional affairs. Some of the CCT projects include Territorial Cleavages, Constitutional Transitions, and Security Sector Reforms. Choudhry is leading various research conducted and is still ongoing to determine a probable solution to the numerous problems. Amongst these researches, Choudhry has to determine how to convert violent protests to peaceful transitions for many of the assigned third-world countries. Thus far, Choudhry has published multiple books, articles, and papers concerning the issue.  Refer to for a related article.

With Choudhry’s insight, he is more than capable to minimize the risks associated with many of his projects. The ultimate goal is to create a peaceful democratic political system.

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Choudhry’s often serves a highlight of many colleges case studies. His books, Migration of Constitutional Ideas and International Society of Public Law, is often a “must-read” for many law schools. Most of Choudhry’s books and ideas are recognized internationally. In addition to students, many countries follow his “Constitution Making” book when first drafting a new constitution. Click for more of this.

Choudhry has received various awards and recognition for his work, including an award from the famous Frank Knox Memorial Fellowship and the Practitioner of the Year award in 2011. The difference he makes to the world will truly enhance it for the better. Check

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