Securus Technologies Fighting to Keep Drugs Out of Jails

One of the duties me and my fellow corrections officers are responsible for is making certain to keep all illegal drugs out of the hands of the inmates. There are too many cases this year already where a normally calm inmate goes crazy because they took too much or the wrong drugs. Not only is this inmate now a danger to themselves, they put me, my officers, my staff, visitors, and other inmates in harm’s way. We welcome every resource in our efforts to keep the drugs from getting into the prison.


Securus Technologies has installed their inmate call monitoring system in over two thousand jails around the country, including ours. When the team first arrived to train us on the LBS software, we had no idea how valuable this resource would wind up being. In the past, we had to listen closely to each call the inmates made, and many times we could miss key conversations just because of the human error element. Now the new software does the work of many officers and will alert us as soon as it picks up specific conversations.


Our battle against drug use in the jail is now that much easier. This month alone we have seen a huge drop in drug use due to us getting to the scene as soon as we get the alert. If a call comes in about an inmate asking family to bring drugs, we intercept them before the visit. When we get the alert that an inmate is expecting a letter because it could have drugs in it, we pay closer attention to the mail. When we find out an inmate has hidden drugs somewhere in the jail, we take action before they have the chance to use or to sell the drugs with other inmates.