SEC Whistleblower Earns Top Award

One of the clients represented by the law firm Labaton Sucharow has received a $17 million award from the Securities and Exchange Commission. The client was recently represented by the firm to help expose wrongdoing in the financial services industry. With this award, the firm has gotten the second largest ever from the SEC Whistleblower program. In the 6 years that this program has been in place, Labaton Sucharow’s client has gotten the second largest award thanks to its excellent representation. With the legal representation offered by Labaton Sucharow, anyone who is looking to report unlawful activity in the financial services industry can earn between 10 and 30 percent of the monetary sanctions collected.

The most recent client of the firm was able to give them high quality information which helped them receive sanctions against one of the most prominent individuals in the financial industry. While the whistleblower has been an integral part of exposing more wrongdoing in the securities industry, they have chosen to remain anonymous for their protection. However, this whistleblower’s contributions have helped prevent investors from being financially hurt from illegal and unethical practices in the finance industry. With the representation of Labaton Sucharow, anyone who is looking to expose unethical activity in the finance industry will be able to do so with ease and anonymity.

The firm known as Labaton Sucharow is the top law firm in terms of representing businesses, investors and consumers in litigation of securities cases. This firm provides clients with a leading SEC whistleblower attorney who will look to prove to courts that unethical and illegal activity has taken place in the securities industry. Clients will have a top SEC whistleblower lawyer that will give them the representation they need in order to help prevent unethical individuals from financially ruining others in investment activities.

With the SEC whistleblower program, the Securities and Exchange Commission and congress looked to help prevent investors from being harmed by unethical financial professionals and companies. As a result, they developed a program in the late 2000’s that was intended to allow individuals or businesses to report wrongdoing in the financial industry and get legal representation to make these people accountable for their actions. The program would allow anyone who is knowledgeable of securities law violations to inform the SEC and seek litigation to get awards for compensatory damages. Therefore, this has proven to be one of the most effective programs in helping make the financial industry less corrupt.

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