Sandy Chin advice to all her younger selves

Sandy is the founder of the Tidal Bore capital firm. Chin is a well-known financial expert with 20 years experience in the finance industry. She launched her Tidal Bore capital company in 2016. The firm is the first consumer staple that focuses on hedge funds. Before Chin founded her company, Tidal Bore Capital, she worked at Visium Asset management.


Sandy Chin worked for five years at Neuberger. She served as the vice president and the senior analyst. She worked alongside her mentor. Together, they served at the company for 10 years. Chin joined the New York City’s stern school of business where she obtained a master’s in Business administration. Later, she joined the University of Columbia, where she pursued a bachelor’s degree in political science from the college of Barnard.


Chin can fluently speak French, She also studied a bit of Russian back in college. She can say that she has some working knowledge in the language. Sandy Chin lives in New York City. She resides with her husband and two beautiful kids that are aged 4 and 6.

Sandy Chin got the chance to explain and give information to all the upcoming entrepreneurs. Chin noted that all young entrepreneurs should be innovative and be hard workers. They should train themselves to synthesize information quickly as they will be focusing on a lot of things. They will find themselves engaging in different sectors which require the same attention.


Additionally, they should have active dialogues with their management. They should train themselves on how to speak to their bosses. Entrepreneurs should also develop durable and friendly relationships with their management.


For an entrepreneur to be productive, they should try emulating their mentors and learn how they do things. Additionally, they should follow up stock market movements. For an industry like the finance, professionals are expected to he heads up of whatever is transpiring in the market.


Younger entrepreneurs should ask their management for more work. More works is a source for earning and also gaining necessary experience. They should also request for more salaries and work promotions. Chin noted that upcoming entrepreneurs should be active, spotting for new opportunities.