Richard Blair Offers His Financial Expertise

Author Hackronym describes the risks that come with renting part of or the entirety of your home on Airbnb, and how Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions can assist in evaluating and preparing for that situation. The first risk to consider when renting your home is to be cautious of the tenants that may cause you to be liable for events and damages that occur during their stay. Sometimes tenants are difficult too work with and will make payment a hassle. The next point to be mindful of is to know how short-term rentals are covered in your homeowner’s insurance policy, if they are covered at all. The final step in preparation for renting your home is to have protection. If protection is not covered within your own homeowner’s insurance policy, Airbnb offers secondary coverage, but that will only be activated as a last resort on their part.

Because of these risks, it is suggested that potential renters consult with a professional wealth and investment manager like Richard Blair. With the help of Blair and Wealth Solutions Inc, financial planning and services are offered. Obtaining the goals set out for financial planning and wealth management starts with knowing where your finances stand and is furthered by knowing what and where you want assets to look like in the future. Clients are considered financial management partners and Wealth Solutions uses its most innovative resources to keep its partner’s success heading in the right direction. Every partner is a vital player in the process and work gets done with collaborative effort.

Wealth Solution believes in planning, especially both retirement and financial planning. Wealth Solutions assists with the steps of retirement planning to create a plan specific and appropriate for the individual. Financial planning requires the careful determination of a client’s current finances in order to develop an appropriate means of creating more wealth. Whether the goal is to develop a saving’s fund for a college student or for real estate investments and plans, the expertise of Blair and Wealth Solution will get its clients there.

Richard Blair is a graduate of the University of Houston with a degree in Finance and Financial Management Services, and is a Retirement Income Certified Professional. In 1994, Blair created Wealth Solutions in order to escalate his passion for helping others learn about and manage their financial endeavors. Blair’s Wealth Solutions offers professional advice and tactics for creating a comprehensive financial investment portfolio, to maximize benefits, and to better the client’s financial strength.

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