Peter Briger, the executive behind Fortress Investment Group’s Achievements

Fortress Investment Group is one of the prominent investment consultancies around the world. The conglomerate brags of managing assets worth hundreds of billions for 1750 high net worth individuals, and venture companies.

But, who is the executive behind the achievements of this investment management firm? Fortress Investment Group’s accomplishment can be accredited to Mr. Briger, one of its three co-principals.

Who is Peter Briger?

Peter Briger is a renowned business manager who worked as Goldman Sach’s partner. In fact, he was one of the executive administrators who executed schemes that steered Goldman Sachs’ to the industry’s top position. He left the company in 2006, having served it for fifteen years.

Outside the professional role, Mr. Briger spends his time helping the disadvantaged populations. He is an active member of Central Park Conservancy, Caliber schools, Global Fund for Children, Council on Foreign Relations, and Tipping Point.

Most of these organizations help the underserved people to secure better education, health care, and meaningful employment.

Mr. Briger is honored by Forbes 400 as one of the wealthiest US citizens. He was ranked alongside other renowned executives with outstanding entrepreneurship and business management skills.

The Role of Peter Briger in the Success of Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group appointed Mr. Briger as its principal and interim CEO in 2006. Mr. Briger was delegated to work alongside Wes Edens and Randal Nardone, the company’s co-founders.

Mr. Briger is one of the investment management company’s principal decision makers. He helps the other two principals to formulate strategic goals that can boost the company’s efficiency. To know more about him click here.

Besides making decisions, he supervises the company’s operations, manages its financial and physical resources, and he directs junior staffs to the right course.

An Overview of Peter Briger’s Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is a chief investment manager serving the global audience of investors. As of June 2018, the firm’s management disclosed that they were handling assets worth $414 billion.

It collaborates with a team of 205 investment mavens who major in the management of physical & financial assets, managing portfolio companies, execution of mergers & acquisitions, as well as investment consultancy.