NetPicks: Sound Investment Strategies For The Socially Conscientious Investor

The new millennium is characterized by a society of socially conscious people, never before noticeable in the US. Consumers are seeking socially responsible ways of consuming products, and demanding the option of buying non-exploitative items from businesses with ethical principles which practice integrity in their operations.

Consumers are demanding to know where a company’s products originated from, and whether they were produced ethically from a company with a rightfully social conscience. Because of this new moral consciousness, companies are scrutinized more closely with regard to the presence of humane working conditions, and the use of slave labor, traditionally used in third world countries.

NetPicks provides guidance for socially responsible investors. Headquartered out of Irving, Texas and headed by Mark Soberman, the staff collectively has more than 25 years of personal trading experience. This renders their advice practical, tested, and fundamentally sound. Founded in 1996 when trading and day trading emerged, NetPicks provides expert coaching, training, and resources for their client investors.   Here’s a rare chance to know what goes inside a counter punch trader traderoom., click on this.

The company educates investors on every aspect of the market from signals to systems to futures to stocks to Forex to ETFs to options. NetPicks advises its client investors on avoiding high cost brokers, and opting instead for the discount brokerages charging flat fees. Socially conscious investors are encouraged to investigate the large number of companies in ETFS, and whether or not they are exploitative or use illegal child labor.

Time-tested advice from NetPicks to its client investors is that they be sufficiently diversified in ETFS, stock, or other investment vehicles, and be wary of schemes promising money fast. NetPicks stresses to their client investors that financially disastrous investing renders individuals powerless to interact with the outside world. Regardless of social consciousness, money is still power and influence, and investors must be constantly aware of the prudence of acquiring and protecting their own assets.  Useful trading tips here.

One excellent opportunity of investing socially conscientiously is by extending microloans to third world businesses. Although the investor makes minimal revenue from these, these amounts often buy a lot in many third world countries, for example, by enabling a third world business person to replenish his inventory.  Get connected now, hit on

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