Malcolm Casselle’s Rise To Prominence

WAX or Wordwide Asset Exchange has a lot to be thankful for when you think of Malcolm Casselle. The crytocurrency movement has been booming lately and WAX is right on top of the game during this amazing run. With Malcolm Cassell running the show, what’s called the “Token Generation Event” ended up selling over $80 million worth of WAX currency. The one thing that separates WAX from other bitcoins is the fact that it is gaming specific. Gamers utilize digital forms of payment more than your average first time cryto buyer, so the fit was perfect.

Malcolm Cassell was previously the President of New Ventures at Tronc Inc. He has led many startups in the digital industry. Malcolm is fit for this line of work having a Bachelors degree from MIT and his Master’s from Stanford University in the field of Computer Science. Bilingual, Malcolm Cassell also speaks Mandarin Chinese and Japanese. That is very important when dealing with investors and other businessmen/women internationally.

Having such a resume would make most envious, but clearly Malcolm has made the most out of it. There is also somewhat of a pattern to the distinct rise of Malcolm Casselle the CEO/Entrepreneur/President. Most companies that he involves himself in are either digital companies, or highly successful investment firms. As a co-founder of PCCW, he left a major touch on that company in particular. Currently PCCW is valued at over $35 billion USD. That is an amazing feat in itself given the sometimes shaky climate for many upstart companies in the 21st century.

All in all, Malcolm Cassell has and will continue to have success. Achieving many of these goals are but a dream to many, but Malcolm Cassell proves over and over again that with hard work and diligence, as well as thinking outside of the box, you can be a success in your own right. Continue to watch the growth of WAX as the gaming industry turns to more availability in terms of digital currency. Will cryptocurrency continue to boom? Only time will tell.