Malcolm CasSelle Names Bitcoin Internet 3.0 and Projects Much Success For Future Endeavors

Malcolm CasSelle believes that blockchain technology is internet 3.0, and is looking at the new innovation to change everything. CasSelle is the current CIO of OPSkins, a global leader of in-game asset sales. He is also the president of new decentralized marketplace WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange). WAX is an innovate player to player network that uses blockchain technology to facilitate transactions. CasSelle came to OPSkins in 2017. Prior to OPSkins he served as CTO of New Ventures at Tronc Inc. and was a respected international entrepreneur. CasSelle sat down in a recent interview and advocated his support for blockchains.

Blockchain technology solves the problems with cross-border micro-transactions of which billions take place,” CasSelle stated, “It is a clear innovation that other would have invested in if we had not.” Blockchains create large data lists that record the numerous angles of an online transaction. Their use provides reliable information on the legitimacy of online transactions. Buyers, sellers, merchants, and vendors are all vetted by blockchains. They record every transaction that such entities take part it, making note of the legitimacy or fraud involved. Bad transactions follow unreliable sources like a foul odor, warning other entities not to deal with them. This creates transparency and safety for anyone operating in a decentralized market.

“Blockchains are internet 3.0,” CasSelle explains. In his storied career CasSelle has built companies in each phase. Internet 1.0 occurring during his time at PCCW in Hong Kong with telco service, and internet 2.0 facilitating the collaboration of Groupon and Tencent. Now with WAX CasSelle looks forward to building a new multi-billion dollar company with internet 3.0. OPSkins became a billion-dollar institution in just two years, so CasSelle is legit in his broad expectations. As an early stage investor for Facebook, Zynga, and Bitcoin CasSelle has very reliable instincts in the ebb and flow of the digital world. His appreciation of cryptocurrency has already led OPSkins to become the largest Bitcoin merchant on the planet. Now, with WAX CasSelle is on the forefront of mainstreaming cryptocurrency. WAX could very well be the tipping point that changes traditional banking forever.