Luiz Carlos Trabuco Helps Octavio de Lazari to Settle in as the President of Banco Bradesco

Without a doubt, the average organization spends more than $1,000 annually on training each employee. This cost includes the time spent by team leaders in addition to experienced co-workers in teaching as well as demonstrating the requirements of a job. With that said, an internal recruit would probably need little to no orientation because they are familiar with the organization’s goals, objectives as well as visions. With that said, the importance of internal recruitment has been illustrated by Brandao de Mello, the former president of Banco Bradesco.


The Preview

Brandao de Mello’s resignation was a move to renew the bank’s management in order to ensure continuity. A new generation of leaders would perhaps guide Banco Bradesco through its quest for success. Adding that it was critical to elect his replacement internally, Brandao de Mello had fostered a culture that promoted the value and importance of internal recruitment. Moreover, this culture favored leaders promoted the already existing ranks instead of looking for new talent outside the bank.


Reasons for Stepping Down

As he stepped down, Brandao de Mello stated that he would still oversee the operations of Banco Bradesco but from outside its jurisdiction. Talking to the journalists, he added that his resignation was pegged on personal issues. Nevertheless, he was still part of Banco and its affiliates.


The Resignation

Besides his resignation, Brandao de Mello was particular about choosing Luiz Carlos Trabuco to oversee his roles for the time being. Not only was Carlos Trabuco good at management but also vibrant when it came to implementing new ideas. For instance, he worked hard to foster a friendly working culture between the employee and clients. Through this rapport, Banco Bradesco has been in a position to accumulate more clients in its portfolio.


Electing a New President

For Brandao de Mello, electing Luiz Carlos Trabuco was a sign that honored his intentions in that he believed in the value of internal recruitment. For that reason, Luiz Carlos Trabuco took over for about three to four months before facilitating the election of a new president. Later into his reign as the incumbent president, he organized the election of Octavio de Lazari Junior who is also the vice president of Banco Bradesco.


The Outline

The election of Octavio de Lazari brings with it an old but vibrant brain into the management of Banco Bradesco. Since he has been part of the bank for decades, it is clear that he understands what it expected of him not only as a president but also a mentor to the staff. With that said, perhaps Luiz Carlos Trabuco will continue to walk him through this new role in order for him to grasp the basic details of being a president to one of the most competitive banks in Brazil.