Leonardo DiCaprio Says Yes To Hippeas Chickpea Snacks

Leonardo DiCaprio is certainly known as a highly successful actor and has become a household name. What may not be as well known is his dedicated involvement and commitment to the environment. This has led to his investment with Livio Bisterzo, a businessman that is creating products that are healthy to consume and have an influence in the easing of world hunger and poverty.

Livio Bisterzo has created Hippeas Chickpea Snacks. This healthy puffed chickpea snack is chocked full of protein and fiber, yet is a light airy snack. It comes in six colorfully names flavors – Vegan White Cheddar, Pepper Power, Siracha Sunrise, Happenin’ Hickory, Far Out Fajita, and Maple Haze. These snacks are very flavorful, tasty snacks that are certified kosher GMO free and organic. Hippeas Chickpea Snacks are easy on the waistline with low calories.

Having a background in marketing products, including men’s grooming products and a line of teas, Livio’s launch of this product has been highly successful. He has managed to place Hippeas Chickpea Snacks in over 20,000 stores, in the US and abroad, including Vons, Starbucks, and Albertsons. They will be on the shelves in Kroger grocery stores and big box store Target soon.

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Having an expansive goal in mind, Livio Bisterzo is dedicating a portion of his profits to Farm Africa, a charity dedicated to ending hunger. They are currently focused on East African farmers using their land productively to lead them out of poverty.

Leonardo DiCaprio founded the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation in 1998. The purpose of the foundation is habitat conservation and biodiversity including a focus on climate change. Leonardo sits on the board of several conservation-based organizations and is a U.N. Messenger of Peace for Climate. He was drawn to the plant-based products that Livio was producing.

Green Park Holdings was founded by Livio Bisterzo in 2015 and he is the current CEO. The brand and product “Hippeas Chickpea Snacks” is the current focus of Green Park Holdings. During 2016 the snack generated a revenue of 2.5 million projecting 11 million in 2017.

Livio Bisterzo and his family currently reside in Los Angles. He also has an office in Great Britain where he resided earlier in his life and he studied at the University of the Arts. Companies such as Green Park Holdings, that dedicate their products, vision, and profits to a healthier, hunger-free world are showing a trend towards quick growth in the marketplace.