Launch Pad Holding’s Glen Wakeman: Leading The Company As The CEO

Glen Wakeman is an incredibly well-known name in the financial field and currently stands as the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings. When he first started the company, he wanted it to grow and expand but never envisioned what an impact it would have on the financial sector. Glen Wakeman has always been incredibly proficient in the financial sector and has been working with businesses since the start. Much of his professional career was spent raising transactions up and taking them to the next level.



Glen Wakeman has an incredible educational background which has taken him up the corporate ladder ( Wakeman holds a degree from the University of Scranton, which is where he did his undergraduate degree which was in the field of business and finance. He then decided to pursue further educational qualifications and decided to attend the University of Chicago to attain his MBA. Right from the beginning, he has worked with several incredibly successful financial ventures which have helped him grow as a corporate personality.



Soon after completing his education, Wakeman decided to start working at GE Capital, which at the time was one of the leading financial companies. His formative years at the company were spent here, which molded him into the leader he currently is.



Today, Wakeman is considered to be a person to look up to in the financial field (ReporterExpert). He is supposed to be an industry leader and is known for setting the pace for other corporates that are just like his. He has over twenty years worth of work experience to his name, which has helped him become the learned person in finance that he is currently.

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