Julie Zuckerberg Flying The Executive Recruitment Industry’s Flag

Long gone are the days when companies only relied on in-house human resource functions to tap the best talent in the market. In-house human resource departments have one thing in common- They lack a wide pool of contacts. They only tap talent that is within the reach of their advertisement. For this reason, they are no longer a choice for most companies that see talent as the reason behind success. More and more companies are moving towards a more strategic way of tapping top talent. They are using executive recruiters to get them the best skills available in the market.


Executive recruiters such as Julie Zuckerberg have the expertise to hire top level employees who know to get their jobs done and done right. They also are able to reach a wider pool of employment candidates. Therefore, they increase the chances of a company being aligned with the exact talent that it needs. As can be seen from the career life of Julie Zuckerberg, executive recruiters play a very important role in the success of companies. That is why prominent figures in this industry are always making news headlines. As for Julie Zuckerberg, she seems to have made quite a reputation for herself. If you haven’t heard of her yet, here is a brief history of her work life.


Julie Zuckerberg is currently the lead of Executive Recruitment as well as the Vice President of the Deutsche Bank. She became the executive recruitment lead after receiving a promotion from talent recruitment lead and an executive recruiter. Her promotion followed recognition of her hard work. Since she joined the Deutsche bank, she had formed a team of project managers and recruiters. This way, she always managed to plan the best strategies to acquire the best of the best managers and managing directors for the bank. Another factor that led to her being promoted is the experience that she possesses. Being that she joined the recruitment industry in the year 2012, she has 15 years of experience.


In the year 2002, her career journey began. She was tapped by Hudson and was in charge of candidate placement. She used her law education to guide her in the placement of paralegals, lawyers and basically every type of legal professionals that you can think of. She would also help banks and other financial institutions acquire talent. Five years later, she decided to leave the company and join City Global Cards and the Bank. At Citi, she would serve both the company and the bank as their executive recruiters. Her main role was to tap directors and managing directors for the company. She would advise the company heads on how to identify talent. She also dealt with the coaching of employees and educating them of the various benefits and opportunities that would come with their jobs. Six years on and she left her job at Citi to join New York Life Insurance as the companies Vice president and Executive Recruiter. Four months later an opportunity presented itself and she joined Deutsche bank.