Jeff Yestine and Ted Bauman, Great Weekly Financial Contributors

Jeff Yastine is the current Total Wealth Insider’s editor. He began his career as the editorial director in 2015 at Banyan Hill Publishing. Jeff Yastine brought his over 20 years of experience working at various financial events centers as a reporter as well as stock market investor. Moreover, Yastine contributes to the Winning Investor Daily as well as Sovereign Investor Daily on a daily basis. His primary role is to help investors and entrepreneurs understand economic trends.

Mr. Jeff Yastine usually analyzes all the profit-making opportunities that financial editors bring up. Jeff was nominated for the Emmy Awards while working as a financial journalist and correspondent at program sponsored by PBS. Over time, Jeff has interviewed renowned economic thinkers and learned the secrets of investment from some of the most influelntial financiers and entrepreneurs. In fact, Jeff has talked to some of the brightest financial minds such as Richard Branson, Dell Michael, and Warren Buffet. Connect with Paul Mampilly by visiting his linkedin acount.

Jeff Yastine’s top-notch reporting helped entrepreneurs and financiers identify investment opportunities in world-class corporations and stocks with small growth cap. Moreover, Jeff Yastine helped investors identify opportunities across different industries ranging from agriculture to retail. He was also instrumental in the growth and development of the biopharmaceutical industry. In fact, his reporting in the mid-2000s helped warn investors about a looming crisis in the real estate world.

Jeff also reported the influence of foreign automakers, the financial effects of the Hurricane Katrina, and the Deepwater Horizon on national events. Jeff also visited Cuba in 1994 and 2003 to assess the impact of foreign investments on the economy of Cuba. In 2007, a report on America’s underfunded public infrastructure, bridges, and roads earned Yastine a nomination for the coveted Business Emmy Award. Moreover, Yastine was part of the NBR journalists’ team that won a prestigious award for its special report on the US bond market. Jeff has worked tirelessly to help investors keep up with both local and international investment trends so that everyone can settle on the best deal. In fact, his reporting has helped startups to stabilize as quickly as possible.