Jeff Yastine Says Look Out For Cybersecurity Stocks

Jeff Yastine has made some very insightful contributions as an editorial director for Banyan Hill because he brings years of experience in journalism and breaking major stories in finance and economic news. He gives the publication’s readers information on which usually unpopular stocks are about to see growth when least expected. But he also wrote an article about cybersecurity and how it’s becoming high in demand as the threat of foreign powers attacking important US institutions and big companies grows. Yastine says the industry is expected to grow to as much as $1 trillion in the next several years as companies are spending billions now to upgrade their security systems. A lot of the spending in the cybersecurity industry is done on improving routers, and others will be setup for advanced threat prevention against major attacks. One investment Yastine says is gaining profits already is the HACK ETF that he’s recommending his newsletter subscribers buy into. Follow Jeff on Twitter.

Jeff Yastine studied journalism at the University of Florida and started taking on various news stories at a Gainesville NBC affiliate. The stock market was a small part of Yastine’s interest at the time as he heard about it from people he worked with, and one of his first investments was in Walmart’s stock. But he found it to be even more interesting as he moved on his journalism career and became the host of PBS’s Nightly Business Report news show. For 17 years Jeff Yastine traveled around the world covering stories that had big impacts on the global economy. He started seeing the signs that were pointing to bad things ahead for the dot-com crash and the rising prices in real estate around 2006. Yastine won several awards for his great commentary including a Business Emmy award in 2007 when Nightly Business Report became one of the most watched financial report television shows.

Jeff Yastine picked up some of his financial tips and personal strategies from knowledge that businessmen like Warren Buffet, Sir Richard Branson and Steve Ballmer. After stepping down from his position as PBS’s anchor in 2010, Yastine started doing research on his own and finding new stocks and alternative investments that he decided to take the risk of investing in. As he saw how well his investments performed, he wanted others to know about them and decided to start writing newsletters for Banyan Hill in 2015. His main newsletter you can find at Banyan Hill’s website is “Total Wealth Insider.”Check: