Igor Cornelsen Stays True To His Beliefs Across Many Areas Of Life

In Brazilian financial circles, the name Igor Cornelsen provides a sense of security and comfort for millions of investment specialists who witnessed his steady leadership of a number of the top Latin American financial institutions in the 1990s and early 21st-century. Now retired and living the majority of the time in Southern Florida, Cornelsen has not decided to slide quietly into the night but can instead be found providing his own tips and advice for investors via social media and Bainbridge Investments.

The Brazilian banking legend began working with Bainbridge Investments soon after he retired from the Brazilian markets where he had made his name as an investment banker and experienced CEO. Banks and investment companies who turned to Cornelsen during his time as a financial specialist in Brazil knew they were investing in a clear head and cool mind who was rarely fazed by the problems facing the Brazilian economy over the course of this period of time; the banker refused to join the trend for short-term deals and investments which have become the trend for most investment specialists who Cornelsen believes are failing their clients.

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Igor Cornelsen has created one of the most impressive business models within the financial markets as he believes the majority of his clients should not only be guided through specific investments but also a level of understanding about why an investment is being made. From his base in Florida, the golf enthusiast spends his days either enjoying the stunning golf courses of the Sunshine state or keeping abreast of the investment opportunities on offer to his social media followers.

An education in the financial markets is something Igor Cornelsen recommends for all his followers who should understand the basics of the terminology used by analysts who are looking to create a higher level of funding for their clients. Cornelsen believes every investor should have the basic skills to communicate their needs to any broker and guide their own investments over the course of their investing career.

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