ID Life: Innovative Natural Wellness Solutions

It is the mission of ID Life to offer natural health and wellness solutions. ID ID Life is a business opportunity. All IDLife products are FDA approved. ID Life wants to provide people a way to look and feel better. IDLife products are an individualized custom solution for anybody to get to a better life. Products are gluten free, GMO free, soy free, and casein free. ID Life is a nutritional quality group of products. ID Life is a nutritional support program that can help you lose weight, have more energy or feel better. ID Life is targeted to the customer’s nutritional needs only.

Getting healthy can be an overwhelming task that seems like it could not be accomplished. ID Life has a partnership with Garmin, which offers products such as wearable fitness trackers, which can aid in the weight loss process. These trackers monitor heart rate, distance traveled, time spent working out, calorie burning and other features that are easy to track.

IDLife and Garmin do not feel that health and wellness go beyond a number on the scale. A healthy, and active lifestyle is what protects from disease and uncomfortable illness. It is easier for a client to make positive lifestyle changes slowly rather than quickly. Garmin produces advanced fitness equipment available on the market today. Garmin has made available for example, a Smart Scale that measures body mass index, skeletal muscle mass, body fat percentage, water percentage and other useable metrics. A metric is something that can be measured in the form of a number. To know about IDLife click here.

Garmin has spent the last 10 years working on fitness trackers as a product that adapt to the customer’s needs such as a heart rate monitor or a tracker. Vivo trackers can measure how much sleep a person gets as well as activity. Online assessments help customers learn what they need to do to customize a Garmin device. IDLife believes that people need the right tools to reach their healthcare goals. IDLife is a newer company rather than Garmin’s experience but both share a common goal: teaching other people how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.