How Marc Beer is Redefining Women Health

Pelvic floor disorders continue to be one of the most ignored aspects of women reproductive health — fortunately, one investor in challenging this sad reality through the well-structured medical business model. Marc Beer raises in the recent past has invested heavily on a mechanism to make women reproductive health a reality in the near future. One of Marc Beer latest win on this journey was securing funding of his company. According to pundits, the $42m worth of funding will enable him (through the company) expand both operations in research on products and medicine. In addition, the finding will give the company the needed financial strength to reach for more women.

According to the official communications by the company, the funding was through two different sources. The Renovia through its official communication team points out that the $10m was through venture debt. The venture debt supplemented the initial funding by Longwood Fund. The main reasons why the company was able to secure the above funding is mainly to their aspirations of making a difference in matters involving women. Longwood Fund, for example, was impressed by Marc Beer strides in designing modern medicine and products for women. Women health is a relatively new investment niche.

In addition to the funding, the future of Renovia can only be brilliant under Marc Beer. First, as a CEO, he has been able to consolidate one of the best managerial teams in the world of investment. To Marc Beer, the company’s growth has been a reality due to his understanding that he cannot do everything and delegating some functions is unavoidable. In order to have a better running financial arm of Renovia, William Dull was brought to the team. He assists the CEO on various international expansion policies. With his vast experience, Dull has been an essential element in the company’s markets expansions.

Since the company believes that the next phase of health investment is primarily pegged on research, the company brought José Bohorquez on board. Bohorquez is without a doubt one of the most experienced researches in the medical field. Unlike other similar professionals in his areas of expertise, he integrates technology in making those treatment procedures in Renovia are not only effective but also consistent with Marc Beer main dream. Other notable persons in the management team include Samantha Pulliam and the talented Jessica McKinney. It is impressive to note that each of the professionals that Marc Beer brought to the company is all experts in their respective fields and has tons of experiences. Learn more:

In summary, Renovia has one of the best products and systems available for women. Some of the company’s products have earned recognition in the world of innovations. One of these products includes the LEVA.