How Kevin Seawright is dealing with Youth Unemployment in Newark City

The greatest challenge facing both developed and developing countries are the escalations in youth unemployment level. The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation is collaborating with NewarkWorks and a couple of prominent individual in the society to assist Newark youth secure employment during 2016 summer.

Objectives of the Youth Employment Plan

The Summer Employment Plan intends to offer paid summer work to Newark youths for six weeks. The program is expected to increase the number of students in the local community who are graduating from universities and colleges. The youths will acquire job training; attend financial literacy lessons, and lectures on empowerment. In addition, the summer program will include college readiness conferences. The application process has been digitized for the first time since the summer program was launched.

Kevin Seawright opinions

Seawright noted that the program had over 350 applicants within a short period of launching. In the past, the process was completed after duration of six weeks. He confirmed that a bigger number was registered within thirty minutes. The aim of Youth Employment Program is to boost the number of jobs from 3,000 to 3,500. Seawright confirmed on his Twitter that TD Bank and Santander Bank would offer financial literacy lessons.

Seawright believes the students will be able to manage to open their checking or saving accounts and manage their finances. Additionally, they will use the knowledge gathered in their area of expertise after graduating. He expressed his gratitude for being part of the program, and he believes the program will transform Newark City.

Brief Details on Kevin Seawright

CrunchBase shows that Kevin Seawright is prominent financial and administrative leader acknowledged for his tactical vision and ability to capitalize on new investment opportunities. Newark Economic Development Corporation is the major economic development firm in Newark City. Seawright serves as the VP and Chief Financial Officer of the company. He has an extensive experience in managing resources at several educational, private-held businesses, and municipal organizations. He holds an esteemed Leadership Talent Award for reducing the Agency’s structural cost by a whopping $ 600,000 in a single year.

Since becoming the CFO of the NCEDC Seawright has used his financial expertise to better the East Coast Communities. His parents mentored him, and at a tender age of twelve years, he was an active participant in several youth programs.  Seawright supports community-based organizations that support education causes. He undertook a leadership course offered by the University of Notre Dame.  In his personal life, Kevin is a big music fan, and he’s also interested in photography as evidenced by his Flickr account.

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