How JHSF Managed to Grow Under the Leadership of Jose Auriemo Neto

In 1972, two brothers decided to join hands and started the most prominent real estate firm based in Brazil called JHSF. One Jose Auriemo and his brother established the company and also a business partner Fabio. They aimed to serve the real estate as well as the construction market. In 1990, these brothers decided to divide the company into two segments; Fabio chose to continue specializing in various business activities that targeted the real estate markets.

JHSF decided, and within a short time, the company started to expand at a very high rate. It was able to cover more business operations which included various shopping malls and some of the world’s most prominent hotels.

Among the most significant projects in the famous Santa Cruz complex which is based in Sao Paulo and this was one of the moves that were able to map the overall activities of the company. Santa Cruz was famous because of residential buildings, transport system, shopping, and many office blocks as well as remarkable landmarks.

The company has been at the forefront of working towards developing some of Brazil’s high-end projects, and this has managed to give them chances to explore the international arena. JHSF has been able to do a great job in the United States and Uruguay as well. They are very proud of their 815 which is found in the city of New York and many residential homes based in Punta del Este in Uruguay.

JHSF has so many projects in Brazil and other overseas markets. They have managed to tailor various business activities and also strategies which target recurring income areas. These main areas include the residential and commercial real estate projects, executive airports, shopping malls, and hotels and restaurants across the entire globe.

The also added their value through the acquisition of the famous Fasano luxury hotels and even the rights of their Brand name. The move enabled the company to manage to serve more clients as well as positioning themselves in the high-end markets. All these achievements have been realized because of the committed leadership of Jose Auriemo Neto who is the chair and the CEO for the last four decades.