How Gareth Henry Became An Internationally Recognized Businessman

Gareth Henry is a Scottish businessman who works in the financial industry. He studied actuarial mathematics and statistics at Heriot-Watt University and graduated with 1st class honors in 2001. He soon joined the Institute of Actuaries, United Kingdom, as a fellow and the United States’ Society of Actuaries as well. In September 2005 he became a strategic solutions director at the global financial firm Schroders and worked for them in London, England.

In July 2007, Gareth Henry found a high-level position at Fortress Investment Group. This is an American financial firm that specializes in alternative assets like private equity and corporate debt. He took over as their head of international investor relations, working out of their London office. After six years he was promoted to global head of investor relations for the Fortress Liquid Markets segment of the business.

Since January 2016 he has been working as an executive for Angelo, Gordon & Co. He now lives in New York City and is this firm’s global head of investor relations. He works with investors across the United States and overseas in both Asia and Europe. Like at Fortress Investment Group, his new company is a globally diversified alternative asset management company. When Gareth Henry was hired the chief executive officer of the firm, Lawrence Schloss, stated that he has a very good reputation in the industry as someone who can deliver strong returns in any type of market conditions. He felt that he really enhanced the strength of his team by hiring Gareth Henry and looked forward to working with him.

Back when he worked for Fortress Investment Group, Gareth Henry had been picked to be one of the speakers as the 20th Annual Alpha Hedge West conference. This conference took place over three days starting on September 21, 2014. He was chosen because of his knowledge about financial products, investing, sales, and marketing. He spoke to the audience about his fields of expertise and how they could thrive in the world of alternative asset investing.

About Gareth Henry: