How EOS Got On The Map

Chapstick was the world leader when it came to the lip balm industry for over a century. When people thought about a lip balm, Chapstick was the first name that came to their minds. It seemed liked the lip balm industry was an industry that was impossible to change. Evolution Of Smooth is the lip balm company that was able to overthrow Chapstick using innovative marketing techniques and strategic planning. The creators of Evolution Of Smooth knew that the lip balm industry was an industry that had not been changed in a long time. They wanted to find a way to connect with women in order to give women a product that they wanted. EOS decided to take polls to find out what women wanted in a lip balm product.

The reason why EOS lip balm comes in small sphere like containers is because the surveys showed that women wanted their lip balm to be easily identified in their purse and enjoyable to apply. The small sphere containers for their lip balm make it easier to put on the full lip, and the organic ingredients are soothing to a woman’s lip as well. The creators of EOS took all of that into account when they created their products, and they were able to give women what they wanted.

The creators of EOS also wanted to make sure that their product was able to get out on the market, so they got in contact with many different beauty bloggers in order for them to try their product. These bloggers gave great publicity to EOS, and many of their followers started to look for this lip balm in their local store and pharmacies. EOS decided to investigate before putting their product out onto the market, and that is why they are now industry leaders when it comes to lip balm. EOS lip balm products are available online on eBay and Amazon.