Guilherme Paulus: Possessing A Keen Eye For Opportunities In The Tourism Industry

Dedicated business leaders such as Guilherme Paulus comprehend the value of remaining relevant in the ever transitioning business world especially the tourism sector since without having relevance, brands will be sold. Moreover, a forward-thinking business professional must identify a relevant market niche to compete against companies offering the same services but crippled by various challenges including internal and external factors. To handle such obstacles in business, Guilherme Paulus uses innovative products to help his company CVC Brasil get recognized in the tourism and hospitality industries.

Guilherme Paulus is a revered entrepreneur in Brazil’s tourism industry. He is goal oriented, and a gutsy go-getter who has transformed the tourism sector into a revolutionary industry marred with attractive traveling packages. The investor has also scaled his business to success by using innovative strategies to garner foreign and local clients. Paulus is dedicated to creating successful projects. This has paid off over the years therefore in 2017, he was conferred The Entrepreneur of The Year Award, an award sponsored by the prominent Ernst & Young to recognize entrepreneurship. Launched in 1986 with one award, twenty five programs have since been run in fifty states of America. The award is conferred to multiple individuals in the year under various, different categories, and industries.


Guilherme Paulus established CVC Brasil in 1972 with the aim of providing high quality travel products and services at better prices for low incoming earning families. Since its founding, the company has offered prepackaged as well as tailored products with dependable payment terms and value propositions for clients. It was among the first providers of travel products with leisure packages including ground transportation, travel insurance, buses, airplanes, and cruises, among others. The asset-light travel model has allowed CVC Brasil to garner returns on their investment. As of 2015, the company’ revenue was 38%. Under the guidance of Guilherme Paulus, CVC expanded its operations through two major acquisitions including Submarino Viagens and Rextur Advance. The transaction was completed in 2015 to strengthen CVC’s position in the industry. Today, CVC is one of the best tour and travel companies not only in Brazil but globally.

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