Guilherme Paulus and The Importance of Business Leaders in Generating Prosperity for Brazil

The world finally is more appreciative of the power, role, contribution and importance of business leaders in the generation of jobs in a country. In fact, more people realize today that business leaders provide more contribution and salvation to the pressing problems of the world better than starting NGOs today does. One of these risktakers whose power to generate jobs in the industry is incomparable would be Guilherme Paulus. According to Bloomberg, he’s the man behind the large tourism enterprises in Brazil, the CVC, and the GJP Hotels and Resorts, and to know how these ventures have spurred a spike of economic growth in Brazil, people need to read the articles from Dinheiro and Panrotas news journals about his risk-taking activities.

In Panrotas, its readers can infer that while many business leaders in the world are talkers, Guilherme Paulus stands out because he goes beyond words. Guilherme Paulus puts his money where his mouth is, and in this case, he is putting about R$600 million of his own money in building a hotel empire in Brazil, with 20 of its units spread across different and emerging market destinations in the country. This project is through his GJP Hotels and Resorts ventures, and with his control of at least 15 high-level hotels and resorts in Brazil, it’s safe to assume that Guilherme Paulus is one, if not the only, most powerful tourism sector industry leader today.

On the other hand, it is also inspiring to know that Paulus is able to get the recognition of media authorities today for his impressive work ethic and dedication to generate jobs for people all over. Istoe Dinheiro confirms that Paulus is the 2017 Entrepreneur of The Year by Money Magazine. Such award means a lot of things. For one, it indicates how the strengths of Paulus has already been tested to generate enough results that not just good on paper, but actually improve Brazil’s economy.

This recognition may also show how hospitality is really in the heart of Paulus, considering that he’s put in a lot of capital already in his GJP group. Despite the challenges in doing business in Brazil, which includes high tax burdens and the decline of tourists going to the country, Paulus is more than confident that it can weather such changes. The competition with Airbnb is also not a concern with Paulus, because it’s not really a direct competition with the hotel offerings that his ventures have.

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