Gregory James Aziz – Always Pushing Forward

The statistic that comes from the Bureau of small-business states that over fifty percent of small businesses will fail in their first year of business. How then is it that some companies are able to stay in business for over 100 years? The answer to that is very simple, they have a leader who has good business sense.

One such business that was fortunate enough to have a leader with an excellent mind for business was the National Steel Car Company. Because National Steel Car hired Gregory James Aziz to be the chief executive officer, they were able to recently celebrate 100 years in business. But exactly how did they get there? What did Greg Aziz actually do to guarantee such a profitable future? Gregory J Aziz did several things to make this a reality.


Every good business person knows that you cannot stop trying to outdo your competition. The moment that you stop progressing in your product is the moment the competitor will come, take what is rightfully yours, and your business will fail. Because of this truth, James Aziz put research and development into the prominent spot of his company.


Greg Aziz began mentoring the people within his executive office so that they learned how to make things more efficient. Greg Aziz wanted to not only produce good products at National steel car, but he wanted to produce them in the quickest way possible. The only way to accomplish as great goal was to make sure the all departments ran more efficiently.


The next thing that Greg Aziz was able to do was to further cement the foundation that made National Steel Car the business it was today. That foundation was found in four different places. The first place it was found was in the loyal worker who showed up every day, and gave it his all. To those people, Greg Aziz showed them his appreciation and gained their loyalty. The second foundation was casting a vision of excellence that would commit the company to integrity, and thus, guarantee a great product. The last foundation was showing his customers, the people who purchased his product, that he would always put their needs at the top of his list, and make sure they got the custom products that they desperately needed.  Visit This Site for more information.

By accomplishing these things, James Aziz made sure that his company would do business for another ten decades.


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