Gregory Aziz: Growth and Giving

National Steel Car has been a pillar of the community since it’s purchase in 1994. President, Chairman, and CEO, Gregory James Aziz, has worked tirelessly to create a company that cares about business and people. After growing the company from 600 to thousands of employees, Greg James Aziz helped steer National Steel Car towards the new goal of contributing to the community. Whether it is the Hamilton Opera, the United Way, or Theatre Aquarius, National Steel Car does not hesitate to give. Additionally, National Steel Car is the host of a yearly Christmas party that helps fund a major food drive for local food banks.


In addition to the success that National Steel Car enjoys in its community, it is also making waves on the world stage. A committed manufacturing company, National Steel Car has been one of the leading freight car engineering and manufacturing companies since it’s revitalization. With the visionary Gregory Aziz at the helm, National Steel Car has earned a reputation for quality and outstanding service. The company has created many strong partnerships throughout the business world because of its strong reputation, even earning the TTX SECO highest quality award on a consistent basis. When looking back at the accomplishments of Greg James Aziz and National Steel Car, it appears there is no job too big or small for this unstoppable team. Get More Info Here.


Behind National Steel Car stands a strong and committed man. Since graduating from the University of Western Ontario, Gregory Aziz has looked for ways to apply his substantial background in Economics. Before his success with National Steel Car, Greg James Aziz started out with his family business. His work at Affiliated Foods set the tone for his role in the business world. While working for the company, Gregory J. Aziz saw substantial development as Affiliated Foods entered the world stage to become a major importer of fresh foods. This experience gave him the confidence to go out and begin to lay the groundwork for his future strong company, National Steel Car. Throughout his career, Greg Aziz has shown that he is not afraid to take risks without sacrificing quality. He has also shown that he knows the value of building a stellar international reputation and the role that can play in business practices. When looking at the work of Gregory Aziz, it is correct to say that he is completed dedicated to the growth of his industry.