Greg Aziz: Leading National Steel Car Into The Future



In the past few years, National Steel Car, a company under National Industries has seen an incredible amount of growth. The company was first founded in the 1900s and has grown significantly since then. The company has had to be strong through various market situations including the great depression in the 1920s. In the face of all of these adversaries, the company still has managed to keep their head held high which has helped them reach the top of the sector. National Steel Car has had a list of extremely beneficial leaders with Greg Aziz, being the newest addition to the list. Greg has been actively involved with the company for a considerable amount of time and has worked his way up to one of the most prominent positions in the company. Greg currently serves as the chief executive officer of the company.


National Steel Car has blossomed under Gregory J Aziz and the leadership that he has provided them with. He has brought about several new strategies to the company to help it reach new heights. He has also been instrumental in the international expansion that the company has been seeing. National Steel Car started as a Canadian company with its headquarters in Toronto. The company today not only provides its rolling stock to Canadian clients but others in The United States as well. Having worked in the United States for a while before moving back to his hometown of Canada, Aziz was able to aptly lead the company to where it should be headed at this point in the market.  Go To This Page for additional information


Aziz has always been someone guided by good business ethics. When he took over the company, he knew that the future of a company that had been going on for over a hundred years would rest upon his shoulders. He was confident that he was ready to lead a company of this size, and had several plans that he wanted to implement which benefitted the company immensely. Greg Aziz had a lot of experience working with businesses since that was the first professional endeavor that he was a part of. Soon after graduating college, Aziz started working for his family’s company —  Affiliated Foods, giving him the much-needed experience that would help him later on in his career. He then went on to work in New York in the field of finance, which is also where he met the then CEO of National Steel Car.