Greg Aziz: Chaperoning National Steel Car into Higher Ranks

National Steel Car falls in the bracket of the world’s leading railroad freight car manufacturing and engineering companies. The company is based in Hamilton, Ontario and has Gregory James Aziz as the CEO, chairman, and president. National steel car has over a century’s experience in the industry and has built a reputation for committing to offer quality services to clients all over North America and beyond. The success of the company is anchored on its people. The National Steel Car team is the most valued asset and the cornerstone of the company. The team is comprised of high tech personnel with the aptness of handling operations to the best of their abilities.


Through Greg Aziz’s leadership techniques, the company is run dynamically, each day progressing with quality and outstanding innovations. Greg Aziz holds a degree in economics from Western University and has served the National Steel car for over two decades. If there is anyone who understands where the company has been and where it is headed to, it is an understatement to say that Gregory Aziz fits the shoe. He has steered the company to not only succeed in the industry but also give back to the Hamilton community. Through their efforts, the area has seen several initiatives which include several sponsorships like the United Way, Salvation Army, and the Hamilton Opera among other charities.


Greg’s greatest contribution, however, is the impact of creating thousands job opportunities to uplift the living standards of southern Ontario residents. It has taken the combined efforts of strong leadership, team-building schemes, and considerable capital and human investments to expand the manufacturing capacity increasing from 3500 automobiles a year to 12000 between the year 1994 and 1999. Similarly, the employment rate also grew with an approximate increment from 600 to 3000. Thanks to the constant pursuit of excellence of the dedicated and hard-working employees, National Steel car is now producing a steady flow of railroad freight cars yearly.


Gregory Aziz later remarks that his team is constantly taking up the challenge to persistently raise the bar. He says that focusing on their strengths proves efficient to offer unmatched products in the rail industry. Gregory is well known for his deep sense of purpose to the company’s core values which act as the driving force of the company’s success. The National Steel Car has received several recognitions over the years. They have bagged home the TTX SECO award consistently for over ten years. They also pride in being the only North American railcar company with a certified ISO 9001:2008. Learn More Here.