Glen Wakeman:

Glen Wakeman is a successful businessman and he is currently the CEO of Launchpad Holdings. Launchpad Holdings is a company that Glen Wakeman created almost two years ago.

Launchpad Holdings is a sophisticated Software service that enables business organizations to organize as well as create their ideas and concepts into a easy to understand as well as workable business model/plan. The company thus has been very successful and it continues to grow.

Glen Wakeman has also held other important positions throughout his business career. Mr. Wakeman held a prominent position with GE Capital for over five years. Glen Wakeman founded another company called Nova Four. Therefore, Wakeman had extensive and successful business experience prior to creating Launchpad Holdings.

Wakeman has a particular interest in start-up companies. He has lectured extensively on the issues that nearly all business people face when attempting to launch a start up organization.

Glen Wakeman has some impressive education credentials. He earned his BS Degree in Economics from University of Scranton. Glen Wakeman decided to continue his education after receiving his degree in Economics. Therefore, he attended University of Chicago where he received his MBA in Finance.

Glen Wakeman has always had an interest in Leadership and Risk management roles within an organization ( One could say Mr. Wakeman had an opportunity to work in various sectors and learn a great deal about the business world in general.

Glen Wakeman has a business blog in which he updates daily. Having a personal blog enables Wakeman to express his thoughts on how to run a successful business as well as climbing the corporate ladder of success. He also blogs about current global affairs as well as Capital raising.

Wakeman has worked in different countries. Therefore, he has had experience working within global markets also. It seems Glen Wakeman has a theory for just about everything. He seems to draw a great deal of attention wherever he goes.