Felipe Montoro Jens reports the IDB Meeting

Felipe Montoro Jens, the infrastructure specialist, and reporter recently attended the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). This year it was held in Mendoza, Argentina on March 24th. The center of discussion during the meeting was economic development solutions and the continued progress in the stimulation of the growth of the economy, specifically public private partnerships (PPPs). The attendees, according to Felipe Montoro Jens had one overall agenda, to convince the bank that more investments are needed. Over the last ten years, there is been an increase in public private partnerships in both Latin America and the Caribbean nations. In 2017, Brazil alone was the recipient of $ 12.9 billion in loans from the IDB, which is a 20% increase from the previous year.

According to Felipe, Dyogo Oliveira, the current Minister of Planning, Development, and Management was very vocal in making it known that there is a need to increase funding to support private sector investments. Despite the success of many PPPs, there are many more needed to help the economic situation and they are stagnated by the inability to gain private partner funding.

Also in attendance was Luis Caputo. Luis is currently the minister of finance and chairman of the Board of Directors. Mr. Caputo and Mr. Dyogo both agreed there is a need to focus efforts to compensate for the lack of private partner investments in the implementation of the needed PPPs. Dyogo Oliveira also noted the need to make improvements to mobilize more PPPs is important in the region’s ability to be prepared for the industrial revolution, which is currently taking place. Visit consultasocio.com to learn more.

The IDB president, Luis Alberto Moreno discussed the need for more infrastructure related PPPs highlighting the need for them in improving transportation between the many countries in Latin America. Luis did recognize, according to Felipe that without funding these issues cannot be addressed.

Felipe Montoro Jens also added despite the financial challenges the region is facing there has been good progress in what has been implemented so far. The Brazilian government is already aligned to continue implementing more projects focused on infrastructure, sanitation, clean water availability, and management.

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