Felipe Montoro Jens March 24th meeting of governors

This year’s annual governance meeting, the Inter-American Development Bank meeting took place on March 24th in Mendoza, Argentina. Felipe Montoro Jens is a reporter and was invited to attend the special meeting this year. Having an intricate understanding of infrastructure projects and their effect on the economy, Felipe Montoro Jens is able to understand detailed information and the effects these have on the overall economic health of the region. The economic situation in Brazil in other South American countries have improved but have slowed in recent months. During this year’s IDB meeting this would be the main topic of discussion. Read more about Montoro Jens at mundodomarketing.com

Top level, officials were invited from different regions of the continent in order to bring their unique perspective to the discussion table. Dyogo Oliveira, who is the Minister of planning development in management was in attendance this year. Also at the meeting with Luis Capucho, who is the Minister of Finance in the chairman of the board of directors. There was also Luis Alberto Moreno, the president of the Inter-American Development Bank. Also at the meeting, this year was the Secretary of State for the economy and business support, Irene Garrido.

The purpose of this year’s meeting was to identify issues that can be improved in order to keep the economy moving in a positive direction. Dyogo Oliveira had several points that he shared at the meeting. Dyogo Oliveira feels that the IDB should invest funding towards implementing new systems that will help leverage the risk-taking by private investors. This same idea was shared by Luis Caputo the finance minister. Luis Alberto Moreno had concerns about the connectivity or transportation options to travel between different countries on the continent. Irene Garrido assured during the meeting that investments would begin in Brazil. Brazil has the seventh largest economy in the world in the largest in Latin America. Websites: http://www.felipemontorojens.com.br/