Fabletics: Using the Power of Public Reviews

Fabletics is fairly new to the retail industry. The company was just established in 2013, and it was co-founded by Katie Hudson, a popular American model and actress. In just a short amount of time, Fabletics managed to turn into a multi-million dollar business, and the number of physical stores owned by Fabletics increased. They managed to open up new stores in America’s largest cities, but even if physical stores exist, people still prefer to make transactions and ordering their products through their website because it is more convenient. Fabletics has been recognized by different experts in the retail industry as one of the next big thing. They praised the system on how products are being sold to the customers, the interface of their website and how user friendly it is, and how they revolutionize the retail industry as a whole.


Customers who wanted to order through their online portal would have to answer a quiz that will guide the system in determining the best product suitable for them. The system has the capability to choose which product would best suit the customer based on his or her quiz answers. It gives the customer a more personalized experience, and the system’s recommendations are being praised for being stylish and for being suitable for any lifestyle. Once the customer decided to purchase the product that was recommended by the system, they would only have to pay using their credit cards and the product will be shipped to their address. Fabletics has a vast collection of products that the customers can buy, and they also have a loyalty system that gives returning customers additional convenience. When checking out the orders, VIP customers can pay faster, and they are entitled to more discounts. This way, people who buy clothes often would opt for their loyalty program because of the savings that they can make.


Fabletics has revealed that the majority of their revenues are from the sales and transactions done on their website. It is believed that the simplicity of the company’s online portal has driven them the numbers. Additionally, Fabletics is known for its affordable, high quality products, so it is no wonder why people are flocking to their website just to buy a product. Word of mouth has also propelled Fabletics into new heights. Satisfied customers are sharing their experiences to their families and friends, and some are even creating reviews to express their satisfaction with the brand. Fabletics formulated a study and found out that the more positive reviews they get, the higher they revenue becomes. Since the result of the study came out, Fabletics has focused on the power of the people’s reviews. They integrated a review section on their website so that customers could voice out they concerns or commendations. Through this new system, Fabletics managed to grow into a multi-million dollar business. They also signed a partnership deal with Amazon, which controls over 20% of the online retail market. This will ensure that Fabletics will grow larger and become more successful in the years to come.