Eric Lefkofsky- The Mind Behind Tempus

Eric Lefkofsky, born on September 2nd, 1969 is the founder and CEO of a company named Tempus.Tempus is a medical company that collects molecular and clinical data that is used to diagnose certain illness.Tempus has a partnership with several hundred different hospitals and Cancer treatment centers Nationwide.The data collected by Tempus can be used to understand the medical practices involved with diagnosis and treatment within clinical foundations.About Eric Lefkofsky, he is also the author of a book called Accelerated Disruption: Understanding the True Speed of Innovation.

The book is about the disruptive businesses that are founded daily by entrepreneurs from around the business world. It discusses the details that underlie the terms within offering a service that sprouts from an idea and offers a widely different approach to running a business in abundant economic times like today. The book also discusses the fault that a business can have when it comes to failure and recognition of the losses and competition. Eric Lefkofsky’s book, Accelerated Disruption, is meant to educate business on how to take advantage of current technological advances that will help them create a successful business.

It is also meant to help avoid all the fallbacks that can be encountered without the investment knowledge he offers with the book’s contents.Eric Lefkofsky’s founding of Tempus has not only advanced the knowledge of technology but has also furthered the information needed to diagnose illnesses that are now treated more thoroughly than before.Tempus isn’t Eric Lefkofsky’s only business. He is also the chairman of Groupon which was founded in 2008 with the help of his business partner, Brad Keywell. Groupon is an e commerce marketplace that connects consumers to discounts and deals that can be used on online purchases of retail and an abundance of other companies that offer trade goods.