Doe Deere and Her Bold Products

Doe Deere is a woman of not only integrity as well as ingenuity, but is also an individual who has a natural role in positions of leadership where she is able to inspire individual to not only spread a positive attitude, but is able to also inspire individuals around the world to be the best that they can be. Doe Deere has initiated herself in the role to help others through her makeup business. Doe Deere is the founder of Lime Crime which was founded in 2008 and has since then hit the international markets and has changed the way that both men as well as women from all over the world wear their makeup. Doe Deere wants to make sure that makeup is used for the right reasons. Doe Deere thinks that makeup should be used for the benefit of oneself to feel confident and to promote a positive attitude rather than for the benefit of others. Doe Deere has made makeup into so much more than a product that is just used to coverup the imperfections on the face.


Doe Deere founded Lime Crime as a side business to her clothing business. Doe Deere created her own clothing that featured bright and beautiful colors as well as patterns. Doe Deere created Lime Crime as a side business because she could not find a makeup product that would not be washed out by the bold colors that she chose for her clothing line. As a result, Lime Crime specializes in bright and bold colors that are all worn to accentuate the beautiful feature on each of her clients.


The colors that Doe Deere uses are bright neon colors that she uses on not only the lips, but also on the eyes as well as on the cheeks of every one of her customers. As the name suggests, one of Doe Deere’s favorite colors to use is the color of lime due to the fact that she believes it looks good on every one of her customers. Over the years, Doe Deere has accumulated many fans of her work that have been given the name of unicorns, a creature that is known for its beauty and positive attitude.


Doe Deere grew up in New York, a city that encouraged her to become the creative individual that she is in present day. Doe Deere loves New York City and loves that in this city, people from all over the world are encouraged to move to the city in order to express themselves. Doe Deere has many plans for her company’s future and is grateful for her many loyal customers that continue to encourage new and bold products for the future of her company.