Diversant: A Company Lead By Visionaries Who Want to Affect Social Change

John Goullet, Principal and Chairman of Diversant, has been leading the way developing successful IT ventures since 1984 when he founded Info Technologies, an IT staffing firm providing technology and staffing solutions to large and small businesses alike. With Goullet at the helm, Info Technologies went on to gross 30 million dollars within in its first five years of operation and shot up the Fortune 500 list to garner the number 8 spot in the same record time. Never to rest on his laurels, Goullet merged Info Technologies with Diversant, a fully certified Minority Owned Business Enterprise (MBE) and founded by Gene Waddy.

With this merger, Diversant became the largest US based African-American IT staffing company which offers unparalleled solutions in IT staff augmentation, direct hire placements, and other scalable and innovative IT products.

But Diversant doesn’t just stop at being the largest and best in class African American IT staffing company in the US., its also a good corporate citizen. The hallmark of any successful company is its desire to affect social change in the community in which it does business. And Diversant is that company.

Some of the most impressive community initiatives in which Diversant is actively apart of are: PACE (Program for Acceleration in Careers of Engineering) and Harlem Business Alliance. PACE brings science and technology exposure to local minority students in New Jersey and prepares them for technical careers. Diversant leads the way in pairing IT professionals with students and provides those students with mentorship, college preparation, leadership development and mathematics instruction.

The Harlem Business Alliance (HBA), in which Diversant is also an active participant, seeks to fill the void that resulted from decades of abandonment and disinvestment by local businesses. HBA, since 1980, seeks to mobilize community business owners and leaders into forming a collective voice and reenergizing this part of the city. And thankfully and to the credit of HBA, its been able to establish Harlem as not only economically self-sustaining but an area with a triumphant comeback story.

As you can see, Diversant isn’t just an IT staffing company led by visionaries like John Goullet and Waddy, its also a company that seeks to do well in the communities in which it serves.

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